Immediate Plans

FAQ: Discussion

Possible questions and directives for Wiki-Based FAQ (with some hierarchical structure): "Ana-FAQ-acapa"

A one-stop-shop for information for young TUI, Anacapa members, and Physics Departments at PUIs.

Should answer general questions, but wiki-like structure so people can drill down into links to other resources for research, methods, and education. Maybe a forum for discussion / debate of topics in the FAQ

Who does theory?
Who is in Anacapa?
Why you should join?
Whoy postdocs should consider a PUI?
Why my department chair should want a TUI?
examples / profile
do some cherry-picking of AIP states
poll members on student authors?
last 15 years, 7 out of 30 awards for student-research with TUI
funding links
links to resources for students to quickly learn mathematica, python, matlab, latex

How do students do research at TUI?
Who does undergraduate research? [some demographics, if appropriate]
Where you do you get grants?
How can theory contribute to training and success of undergraduates?
List of research topics studied by TUIs
Where are Anacapa members located? [maybe a map!]
What is a PUI?

Can you do research with non-physics students?
What resources are there for training and education of undergraduate researchers (links to other FAQs, tutorials, videos)

List of general resources:
python, mathematica, matlab, LaTeX, mathematics stack exchange, etc.
Where do I get computer time?
How do I build a cluster?
How do I do GPU computing?
Connections to COMPADRE?
Video project?

AnacapArXiv: Repository for unpublished student research projects
Links to publications / profiles of Anacapa members

Organized by group moderators, monthly prompts to solicit contributions and highlight new features of the FAQ (until it gains momentum). Require click-through!

Directory: Discussion

1. We felt that the directory should include the following: name of the theorist, name of the institution, geographical region, current rank of the person, contact information (email), and possibly the webpage of the person.

2. Our group felt that it would be useful to categorize colleagues who are interested in being an external reviewer during a tenure process. This could be a column in the directory or a separate list.

3. Also, we felt that it could be useful to have a column adjacent to the names (or a separate list) of individuals who act as a web of mentors to junior faculty. We chatted that it will be useful to identify mentors who can guide a young theorist at a PUI in reviewing grant proposals (similar to what Pedro created for the gravity section). Similarly, a list could be made with a list of mentors who are interested and willing to mentor young graduate students and postdocs who are interested in a career in PUIs.

4. We also discussed whether the information should be password protected. We felt that it is perhaps fine to have a list of the names of the members without any password protection. We felt that it is better to protect some information such as emails.

5. Other related ideas that emerged from our discussion:

a) It would be nice to have a website where we can list theory jobs at PUI institutions.
This could include permanent jobs as well as openings for sabbatical replacements.

b) We addressed how difficult it to organize speaker series in PUIs and we delved into the idea of creating a list which will help organize speaker series. For instance, if somebody is traveling for a research purpose, she or he can offer to give a talk in a neighboring PUI institution.

Our group included:

Artur Tsoboujan, Don Mazilu, Irina Mazilu, JiaJia Dong, Ehsan Khatami, Mary Alberg, Sasha Dukan, Matthew Enjalran

Activities and Publicity: Discussion

1. We need to create a slide/or a one page handout to distribute to other physics organizations to announce our presence to other physicists. Two people to distribute the side to are Richard Wiener and Robert Hillborn. Herb Bernstein expressed interest in working on a press release package for AS. Should we do an announcement and a campaign about the founding of AS? Anacapa Society was formed circa 2008. Should we do something special for our 10th Anniversary?

a. Once we have a slide/flyer/press release, M. Pfenning offered to contact the organizers of the APS New Faculty Workshop for this upcoming fall to have our existence announced at their workshop.

b. there are an estimated 400 to 800 members of the APS who are PUI theorists. Presently there are about 200 members of the AS.

c. How do we reach out to graduate students in physics across the country? In the past, AS had sent out letters to department chairs. We questioned the return on investment for this activity. Perhaps the letters should go to the graduate advisor(s) at institutions.

d. How to make ourselves a reference place for reporters to get questions answered.

2. We would like to do something for the 2016 APS meetings. For example, co-host a session with the Forum on History of Physics or the Forum on Education, and/or host a dinner/happy hour. We identified people to work on each meeting. Herb expressed some reservation about the Forum on Education because AS is devoted to research, so this would have to be done with some care. Both groups identified below should consult with Joe Martin about the APS Meetings.

a. Richard Lombardini: Expressed interest in contacting the APS to announce our presence at the April Meeting. Try contacting one of the divisions to explore possibility of sponsoring?? One of the sessions.

b. Tianran Chen: Expressed interest in contacting the APS to announce our presence at the March 2016 meeting. Try contacting one of the divisions to explore possibility of sponsoring?? One of the sessions. Michael “Mitch” Pfenning and Erin De Pree are willing to assist with planning and implementation. There are many member of AS who are near the Baltimore, MD area that may be able to assist as well.

3. Sean Echols – Would like to create a Facebook page for the AS.

4. We need to find the statistics for what % of all undergraduate physics majors graduate from PUIs and what % of Ph.D. physics graduates came from PUIs.

5. Are there other societies or organizations in other countries which have a similar mission to the AS and can we reach out to form connections with them.